*VIDEO* RCI 99n4 Tune Up

News this time from truckcbsales.com in the USA 🇺🇸 who’ve added an awesome video to there channel of the new n4 from Ranger on what it can do. And it’s a fire spitter for sure. At this time I don’t know of anyone or any company inside EU with stock but never say never. Below we’ve got the video so hope you will all enjoy it!


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  1. Its raining fines in TX USA, so FCC does her job. Many licensed users (companies) suffer from these so called freeband activity. Do understand me correct: i am a CB user too, but straight and legal. I’ve witnessed enough accidents caused by these pretty looking machines.


    • WOW ok. I was lead to believe not much was happening. But when you see videos I’m sent of guys running heaps on FM it made me wonder. Thanks so much for letting me know. It’s super interesting


  2. FCC is also (not) happy with these machines. On 11 meters are more users then just CB’ers. Pls check the bandplan and consider again the use of these RF Pipe organs.


  3. So you have to leave one thing to rangers, they develop beautiful front panels with many controls. In addition to the technology, the user gets something for the eye. Thumbs up for Ranger and their transveiver fashion!


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