Anytone AD-7777 From 2017

Over the past few days over 12,000 views of a post from 2017 about the Anytone AD-7777 which a mock up from someone landed on the blog. To clear it up a detachable head radio was talked about and was was an idea. However since then it has remained quiet and as we see the factory is now making new radios for everyone it seems across the world and the update from today is NO news on anything like this radio below.

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  1. In the narrow market for CB radios, there is still a lot of room for innovation. Maybe the Anytone AD-7777, if it actually appears, would be something like this, we can be curious. (⓿_⓿)


  2. You can see that the Chinese have learned a lot over the last few years, this is a wonderful rig !
    I wouldn’t have needed GPS, but the display is an announcement, so I won’t have to buy glasses for the next few years.


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