*VIDEO* Opinion RCI-99N2

Interesting video from Lester at Lester’s custom truck shop in the USA 🇺🇸 And what a Bullshit if this radio can’t make zero ending frequencies. It’s a fair chunk of cash and at the moment solely locked on 5 endings will cost it some sales. Maybe not with those who use AM for the SSB users it would make this radio seem strange. Enjoy the video and feel free to comment!

Lester’s Custom Truck Shop

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  1. As commented before, I am very critical of this kind of RF organs. As an ex-ham I can say that it is of no use to you as a 10-meter/export radio. As a CB radio, this set is also unsuitable because the Military and Business band plan between 27,405 and 28Mhz is also accessible, the latter is a major underestimated problem that the unsuspecting CB’er is often not aware of. There is a market for these types of radios, as long as there is demand they will be produced, that is an undeniable fact.


    • They are added here as dozens of people send me the same videos. Will they stop making these radios? That’s a story that I don’t have the answer too


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