President Thomas FCC AM/FM $109.50

BellsCB have now the Thomas FCC on the website and for sale. Price is pretty good too! Not all that sure what you can do inside and sure if anyone has a photo of the inside kindly consider sending it to me as SO many have asked me for information but sadly guys am the wrong side of the pond to help!


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  1. It’s a good market move
    Will be interesting to see if now Super Narrow FM mode will start seeing ctcss/DC’s/tone splits
    Possibly Repeater channel shift like the new Multi-Norm cb radios!
    It would certainly supplement FM mode like FRS/GMRS radios have.
    Will we see a revamped Randy 3 FCC Am/FM ctcss version ?
    George II FCC am/FM/Ssb/ctcss/DC’s model?
    Super Narrow FM (S-NFM 8K0 F3E) mode could open up other opportunities like roip linking /gateways/parrot split ctcss bases.
    Great news for USA users can legally use this mode now.

    Rob P


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