Sunday Network Delta Romeo DX Net

Today Saturday the 11m band has been alive with voices. Australia working FM to people in Ukraine and England. Thailand heard in Eire and this is just the start. Sunday as usual is the Delta Romeo DX Group network which will be blasting the frequency of 27:365 USB. So if you’ve some time then take a listen. This network truly has people from all around the globe either listening or calling to take part!! And remember loads of stations from England also call so if your not answered quickly then wait a few minutes and try again.

Net Info:

13/02/2022,Delta Romeo Dx Group Net,
Venues, 3 locations, TBA.
Frequency, 27.365MHz,
Mode, USB,
Time, 11.00-14.00 GMT Although we may start early.
Last Sunday we had both Russia and the Ukraine making themselves known among Greece,Canary Isles,Germany,Spain,Italy,Senegal,Romania,Bulgaria and Turkey raising it’s head late on…..Numbers were good, well into the 50’s, pass-throughs took place when the skip stayed with us to allow many the chance of talking overseas….. ALL GROUPS,ALL STATIONS, ALL NATIONS are welcome to call into this net…. We have good ears and gaps will be left for those further afield, for PORTABLES and MOBILES also….. Thanks for looking, David 26DR017, Darryl 26DR070, Ian 26DR247….. 73 51

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