Great news for those who want to have a go with the new CRT 6900v and that is that PJBOX has them in stock and is offering a selection of programming versions available. Below we’ve added the link to the initial advert for those who are interested. Already this new version in whichever brand you’ve chosen is incredibly popular I’m told by dealers. So click below to find out some more information.

Link: https://tinyurl.com/2p8mpfz9

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  1. I know two people who have bought I’ve version of another of the nrc type radio, I think very soon they will be one of the most popular chassis radios in use on 11 metres. Am I to assume this technology will also appear in the other radios in the range? (7900 & 9900) regards Tim HT 325 England.


    • I think yes (if) they bring a 7900 it’ll have NRC as now AM/FM radios such as AE6199/6491 have NRC so seems logical.

      6666 guess we will know when they bring a new model. Only time will tell with this new model.


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