Delta Romeo DX Group Net

DX conditions have been pretty good recently. Even for my small station managed a contact on channel 20 UK FM (27.79125) to Darwin in northern Australia. At 12,657KM a record for me on FM. So get those antennas ready and if they’ve survived the storm then today is the Delta Romeo DX Group Net on channel 36 EU (27.365 USB) from 11.00am uk time.

20/02/2022; Delta Romeo Dx Group Net,
Locations; TBA, weather depending;
Frequency; 27.365MHz
Mode; USB
Time; 11.00-14.00 GMT Although we may start early.
Another great showing last week despite the dreadful weather which seems to be still with us into this following week…. Making sure we are safe we have had to decide on the day of the net for our locations, I turned up at Clee Hills last week to come back down again due to sinking in the muddied area I prefer to frequent.
Skip levels were very odd last week but We had the Ukraine(315) again, Russia(50), Poland(161), Philippines(79), these were quieter than normal but still audible… Our ears will be open for those stations calling from a distance, also for PORTABLES and MOBILES…. Gaps will be left, so please try and call when you hear nothing…..
As usual, ALL GROUPS, ALL STATIONS, ALL NATIONS are welcome to call into this regardless of allegiances. Please come and join us, looking forward to hearing you and giving you the pass-throughs you can manage to other stations. Thanks for looking David 26DR017, Darryl 26DR070, Ian 26DR247…. 73 51

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