*VIDEO* JS8 President McKinley EU

Fantastic video this time from 13HN2507 Sasha in German language about his “quick and dirty” working of JS8 on a President McKinley EU. It would be superb if this was also in English language too but I think maybe you’ll get the drift of it from the video and maybe will be able to install for yourself the idea to get this digital mode activated and operational on the McKinley EU! It’s a great video and very informative so well worth watching.

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  1. Unfortunately, the CB industry underestimates the possibility of making long-distance calls with digital operating modes.
    Why are there no CB devices with a built-in sound card? Why does the industry always think that CB radio operators want it to be as cheap as possible?
    The instructions for digital operation with the President McKinley are well done and even work without soldering, compliments to OM Sascha!


  2. At last , a great video about Digimode(JS8call) @27Mhz. This sort of news I was missing to read here !


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