*NEW CB?* President Bill II VOX/ASC Coming Soon

Jungle drums are beating on social media that maybe a new version President Bill is in the pipeline with added VOX. As President are more secretive than spy agencies there is nothing certain. No photographs, not really much news other than has VOX. Like each time nothing is sure until it’s on the shelf but maybe something EU from President would be nice! Guess new board and old case and new firmware? Price not much idea but maybe it’s around €130-€140 based on radios available at the moment.

Photograph of a Bill ASC not Bill II

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  1. That’s starting to get a bit high priced for a CB with its capabilities. A Xeigu G90 covers all the bands with 20 watts and more functionality for around twice the price. It also features a control head that can be remote mounted using an inexpensive serial cable. Yes, it’s a ham radio but the mod is prolly easier than most CBs. Here in the states it isn’t as easy to get a full featured President Bill anyway. They apparently neuter them to meet FCC requirements.


    • Xiegu is €500 here and Bill will be €119 in comparison. Many a Bill EU went to the USA. Personally I know of 24 went across the pond. FCC radio is just that it will be 40 channels and 4w. Across in Europe sure it’s a little different based on the same idea


  2. Well if new PCB on cards let’s start with
    Ctcss/DC’s tx/Rx & split tones.

    Channel repeater shift.

    FM clipper in deviation audio processing side like AE6290 for a bit more FM audio punch.


    FM-Nar 2.20khz UK
    FM-SNaR 2.00khz EU
    Set up mode for compatibility
    With old/new kit

    On 6pin mic within menu assign pin for gpio busy out TTL gpio for gateway VoIP bus detection uses or a place on PCB to bring out control wire .
    Even better a mini DIn on rear of set for AUX connecting to interfaces.
    Making set suitable as a micro base roip gateway.

    Ext PTT output
    Ext mic input
    Busy out TTL output
    Rx AF out fixed gain

    Rob P


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