With thanks to Axelino whose sent some excellent information about a new FX-4C SDR radio and we’ve some videos below to have a look at! Not exactly sure about the costing of the radio but we’ve also linked the webpage to the radio for you to have a look at! Thanks Alexino and enjoy the videos.

Transmission frequency range: 3.5 – 29 MHz frequency range of amateur radio
Receiving frequency range: 465 kHz – 50 MHz
Operating Modes: USB, LSB, CW, AM, FM
Frequency Steps: 10 Hz, 100 Hz, 1 kHz, 5 kHz, 10 kHz, 100 kHz, 1 MHz
Antenna impedance: 50 Ohm
Operating temperature range: -20 – +40℃
Voltage range: DC 9 V – 18 V (please keep the maximum voltage below +16 V for long-term operation: About 14 V is recommended)
Power Consumption:
Transmit: (maximum power) ~ 2 A;
Receive: ~ 220 mA.
Overall size: length 107 mm, width 65 mm, height 43 mm
Weight: (radio only) 0.46 kg
Filter Bandwidth:
SSB: 1.5 kHz, 1.8 kHz, 2.1 kHz, 2.4 kHz, 2.7 kHz, 3 kHz
CW: 50 Hz, 100 Hz, 200 Hz, 300 Hz, 500 Hz, 800Hz
FM: 5 kHz, 10 kHz
AM: 6 kHz, 9 kHz
Power range: 0.1-10 W continuously adjustable
Spurious emission suppression: -43 dB
Carrier suppression: -50 dB
Microphone impedance: 2.2 k Ohm
Audio output power: 1 W
Receiving sensitivity: -120 dBm

Link: https://tinyurl.com/527pzhj5

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