Let’s Talk About Bill II

So the new all singing and dancing President Bill II will come to market soon and Christian from On-Radio-Shop in Germany has been searching around in the manual and has found a lot more interesting things will be inside this Bill II when compared to its little brother the Bill I and below are some of the differences to be found.

Six (Roger) Bleeps Inside. Switching on of the VOX function. Various reset possibilities

But the most important is possibility of remote volume control via a separately purchased accessory. That seems to be a test bed possibly of something else further down the line maybe?

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  1. Remote volume control smells like the idea of the discontinued Liberty Mic may be coming to the playing field…..


  2. Good new features in BILL II VOX EU:
    – VOX / handsfree
    – Scan function with CH skip
    – selective reset function (full/factory reset or reset skip CH memory only)

    to wish would be:

    what has been forgotten?
    – repeater shift
    already available in several new EU models and should be standard

    btw…DTMF was never a problem on Bill I / Bill II and new Bill II VOX.
    The DTMF microphone EM 200 (Albrecht) works fine, plug&play.
    Only for up/down function, a small modification is required


    • I’d like to have seen repeater shift but when has President put all on a lower priced model? Guess it will be saved for some new models if they come this year?


  3. Sorry to say that, BUT you are wrong: The most important is the SKIP CHANNEL Funktion. If there is a noisy channel the scan will always stop there, with SKIP this problem is gone. It works also with “not so nice people” 🙂

    The Volume Adjuster could be a mikrophone with an volume knob, like a loudspeaker mike at some portable talkies. If president is clever, the mike comes also with an keypad for DTMF…

    I recently bought a Bill I (maybe the last one 😉 because i dont like and dont need the VOX. If i had known that SKIP CHANNEL will come….hm – hard to tell….


    • “Most Important” meaning they are looking at new things and not just keeping the same the same. Looking at this it seems maybe more interesting things come along in the future. That’s all! Not saying this was most important just saying something different that’s all


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