*NEW RADIO* Yaesu FT-710

The rumour mill is wide awake this morning. Seems in August a new QRP HF radio maybe com8ng to market? The radio will be called the FT-710 and looks a lot like a FTDX-10. There will be the FT-710M and also FT-710S. One will be 50 watts, the other will be 10 watts and cover 160-10m.

Yaesu FT-710 ~ 100 watts

Yaesu FT-710M ~ 50 watts

Yaesu FT-710S ~ 10 watts

Thanks for news Rob, now updated via Yaesu.

Display not included. Purchase separately

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  1. Whats the point? Am am missing something? The Ft DX10 will be obsolete? Lets hope they have averaging on the display – 7300 display is much calmer and less “hectic”


  2. Looks more menu driven then FTDX10. Right side of the 710 only has 12 buttons. FTDX10 has 19 buttons. It would be nice if that was a flip up screen on top.


  3. hi simon its a full 100 watts radio the two models you mentioned are for countries that have have power limitations like japan for example


    • Hi Rob. I asked at Yaesu and they told me three models will be made available including a QRP 10w model, a 50 watt and 100 watt. I’ll ask again by sending your words as I’d interpreted it differently


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