Coming Again Soon EC 2018 XTR

Well Well Well. Seems that the EC2018 XTR will be “coming soon” again to market. Wired 4 pin it’ll set you back around $80 excluding any duties and taxes. No official date so far but it’s going to return and that’s the key thing!

EC 2018 XTR Features
CYBORG™ Robotic Voice – Sound half man, half machine
Stadium Sound™ – Have the booming voice of a stadium announcer.
Endless Echo™ – An unbelievable digital echo with a range from no echo to a never ending echo, repeating echo.
Double Talker™ – Repeats everything you say… repeats everything you say.
Whammy Sound Effects™ – Adjust the echo controls while transmitting to create the wildest of sound effects.
Noise Reducer™ – Advanced noise reduction circuit decreases microphone sensitivity and reduces background noise, making sure they hear you and not your vehicle.
Talk Back – Monitor your transmissions. Know exactly what you sound like over the air.

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