*NEW ECHO* PNI Ech01 “Available”

News again this time from PNI Romania 🇷🇴 there new ultra programmable beep is in stock and below this is what can be done. And it’s universal for any CB Radio. Check dealers like PJ Box and CB One plus your nearest PNI dealer for more information about this and other products.

And remember this product was 100% designed and 100% firmware in Romania. Home team design of PNI Romania

Echo mode and roger beep
The echo and roger beep module PNI ECH01 is designed to work with any CB and VHF / UHF radio station as an add-on.
The main functions of the module are:
Echo : Generating the echo effect of the signal picked up by the radio station microphone and inserting it in the modulation floor;
Roger beep : Generate a custom signal (via MP3 audio file) at the end of the broadcast and maintain it.
Custom Roger Beep effect
Connect the module to a computer and copy the custom audio file (MP3 or WAV, up to 1.5 seconds long) as instructed in the manual.
As a result, at the end of each broadcast, you will also send the custom audio signal that will be received by other CB users as a warning of the end of the broadcast.
Connect to computer and copy custom sound
To write another sound (beep up to 1.5 seconds) edited in MP3 or WAV format, you need to connect the ECH01 PNI module via micro USB cable to the laptop (computer) and turn on the power switch.
In a few seconds the laptop will find the xx MB memory, then by regular copy transfer the file to the memory of the PNI ECH01 module.
Remember to switch the switch of the PNI ECH01 module to the initial working position.

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