President Bill II “Switch-Mode 2022”

Another radio popped up and it’s the switchmode version of the Bill II. I’m not getting into legality of use etc as this has been perfectly described by the seller! For me absolutely and completely and totally impossible to modify! Eyes, Iron, Difficulty… Not Possible

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President Bill 2 with VOX model 2022 with switch mode module 20W TX/PWR measuring station optimized!!!

Switch module

The built-in module allows the device to be switched between Multinorm and export mode.
The change takes place with the PTT pressed when switching on. After that, the entire device performance TX/PWR and frequency expansion are available.
If you now want to switch back to normal multichannel mode, you turn the device off and on again. Detailed instructions are included with the device.
All parameters are optimally adjusted at the measuring station before shipping.

Note on the operation of amateur radios or Radios, conversions or modifications in general:
Modifications, conversions, kits or their components are expressly made or carried out on customer request. Thus, it is a custom-made product in the interests of the customer. The operation of amateur radios is not permitted without a valid license in the FRG. For all other radios, the provisions of the Federal Network Agency must be observed. The operation of radios is carried out independently. Furthermore, the operation of these devices without a valid license may have legal and financial consequences.

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