Uniden 980 SSB Is Discontinued ??

I’ve been asked by Randy to comment on the fact the Uniden 980 SSB has entered EOP and will be discontinued. OK so I’ve two opinions on this matter. Option 1 is that Uniden has troubles maybe in the parts area for this model and that’s why? OR Option 2 they are preparing a new version with FM added to the AM / SSB. Let’s be honest they’ve the 880 AM/FM and PC78 AM/FM. So guess the answer will come soon and most likely with FM added. Saying all the above I didn’t know it was a deleted model!

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  1. Uniden has not announced anything about the 980 being discontinued. They recently added more units for sale at their website. You would think that if the 980 were to get canceled, then so would the 880, but this don’t seem to be the case. It looks to me like they will release a 980ssb with am/fm since the 880 is getting the fm treatment. I was really looking forward to a new style of am/fm/ssb radio from Uniden.


  2. Uniden should go back to tried & true chassis designs. For a compact am/ssb they should bring back the Uniden PC122xl & add fm mode. For larger radios the old design Uniden Grant. Get away from this surface mount crap as their terrible to work on & the through hole components are readily available unlike so many of the new ic chips.


  3. The Uniden 980SSB were terrible radios. Several issues from the lcd screens fading & then failing totally. Poor modulation on some units, some units running very hot even at 4 watts on AM & 12 watts on SSB. I worked on a few recently & the final on one unit got so hot after a short test that I actually burnt my finger on the rear frame where the final is mounted. The regulator also runs quite hot. I suspect underrated parts for the regulator & just poor quality final transistors made in China.


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