Join All The Fun Of The Net

09/10/2022, Delta Romeo Dx Group Net,
Locations, various within England.
Frequency, 27.365MHz, Band D CH36,
Mode, USB,
Time, 10.00-13.00 BST Although we may start early.
Last Sunday turned out to be a nice quiet weekend for the DR Net, we got mid 30 in numbers but still was an enjoyable day of radio, we collectively closed the Net for midday , this allowed those able to, to chase the skip which has been bowling in early afternoon to often late evening from the US and the Sth Americas…..
ALL GROUPS, ALL STATIONS, ALL NATIONS are welcome to call into this net….. Gaps will be left for those mobiles,portables and QRP stations, also those further afield over the waters in whatever the direction the skip may roll from….. Please even if you are struggling to hear us, give it a go, we have some excellent stations with sensitive ears that may well be able to log you even if you are struggling yourself to hear us.
Since the DR net started back in January 2015, we have managed well over 10k callers into our logs…..that is no small feat by anyones imagination, Our numbers have been as little as mid 20’s and as high as mid 130’s, we also try to allow pass-throughs in all instances, which far out-weigh the contacts we have listed in any particular week….
Looking forward to hearing you, if you can make it, de David 26DR017, Darryl 26DR070, Gina 163DR184, Ian 26DR247
73 51

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