KPO DX 5000 Plus Software

Note this is V7 software and not 7.01

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  1. Hello everyone!

    In my humble opinion this radio station with these equivalents Anytone or CRT are much better in any technical point compared to all these old crap made over the last 50 years.

    Since there is this new electronic board, I find that the sensitivity and quality in Rx is clearly increasing. The control of the AGC loop in SSB is perfect without any audio distortion whether the signal is strong or weak.

    The NRC filter is a real value for hard RX conditions.

    In TX even if the bandwidth is not very wide, the audio is very clean and perfectly understandable even if a microphone other than the original one brings a real plus. Concerning myself I use a modified Astatic Road Devil to remove the boosted part in the treble to make it linear and more pleasant to listen .

    Clarifier with the display frequency in 10hz steps, allows to give indications to the OM’s that are offset in frequency with more precision.

    And especially the point that changes everything, it is the excellent frequency setting at the factory on all modes and the superb real stability without thermal drift. I think they must have put a TCXO for the reference oscillator, because I don’t see how I can achieve that frequency accuracy otherwise.

    Now it remains to be seen how this board will behave in time.

    I had a RCI-2950CD that costs twice as much in price and I didn’t keep it because it has too noisy receiver and poor frequency stability.

    Good day to all and good DX. 73-51


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