Are You Joining The Net ??

23/10/2022, Delta Romeo Dx Group Net,
Various locations,
Frequency, 27.365MHz,
Mode, USB,
Time, 10.00-13.00 Although we may start early depending on conditions.
Last Sunday 16thOCT, was a wonderful day of great contacts , we had many from over the waters not least was Finland, Germany, but the highlight of the day had to be 2 stations sharing this positiuon, Gus 35DR001, and 178CT20 Ray, both made themselves known and showed great patience and understanding when it came to pass-throughs and the like….Thanks guys…
ALL GROUPS, ALL STATIONS, ALL NATIONS are welcome to call into this net…. Gaps will be left for Mobiles, Portables, QRP stations, and Stations further afield,… If you as a caller into the net hear stuff go back to it please go to them in the first instance and get the attention of the net host that is closest to you….we do our best but cannot hear everything all the time….THANK YOU EV1…..
Until tomorrow keep safe , keep well, Thanks for looking De David 26DR017, Darryl 26DR070, Ian 26DR247, Gina 163DR184 73 51

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