Net Sunday !

20/11/2022, Delta Romeo Dx Group Net,
Various Locations within the UK,
Frequency, 27.365MHz,
Mode, USB,
Time, 10.00-13.00 GMT Although we may start early.
Another contrasting day of radio ,Sunday 13/11/2022, we had what was a busy start on the domestic front, but due to health concerns for my wife i had to call it early… Bernice was very surprised at the amount of folk asking about her health and sending good wishes , she sends her love out to each and every one of you for that…I send big hugs to each of you and thanks too….
We managed low 30’s when everything was collated , good numbers on the domestic front, quieter on the International front but due to health worries the skip was just starting to roll when I called it….
BIG BIG THANKS to our armed forces, those past and those serving for all the hardwork they put into protecting us , heart-felt from all of us i feel sure.
As usual, ALL GROUPS, ALL STATIONS, ALL NATIONS, are welcome to call into this net.
Thanks for looking, de David 26DR017, Darryl 26DR070, Ian 26DR247, Gina 163DR184, Andrea 26DR291, we are all listening out for you….
73 51

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