Tomorrow!! PLEASE CALL This Event LN 4.4

Please tune your radios to this event. It’s important! Below is a description about why this event is so important!!!

Hi Simon, I wish that you are fine and with good health.

I send you this email with the request that you spread the radio activation that we intend to carry out on the 27th.
They are destroying the mountain and the local authorities do not respond to the issue. I intend, by means of the activation, to make the situation known beyond the Spanish borders.
I enclose the QSL and a text explaining the situation thanks in advance

Estercuel is a small town in the mountains of Teruel-Spain.
Historically, the main activity since the beginning of the 20th century was coal mining. In recent decades, this activity has been replaced by the open-air extraction of clay for ceramics and tiles, manufactured in other regions of Spain.

This extraction in the open air and less than 2km from the town center, generates a large amount of clay dust that its inhabitants breathe. The diameter of the clay particles is less than 0.0039 mm, basically aluminum silicate.

The symbolic mountain of the town, the Peña Santa Ana (Alt.1033m), is being destroyed; the neighboring mountain has almost disappeared. 

Not being enough, explorations are being carried out for the creation of new extractions, in the pine forest next to the town and in the “La Codoñera” pine forest adjoining the town of Crivillen. These forests between both, have an approximate surface of about 21Km2.

The green lung of the area, habitat of wild goats, roe deer, wild boars and other animals in freedom, is being threatened by speculation and the desire for money.

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