Get On The Mike Portables! DRDX Net

22/01/2023, Delta Romeo Dx Group Net,
Venue/s Various around the UK,
Frequency, 27.365MHz,
Mode, USB,
Time, 10.00-12.00 GMT May start early.
15/01/2023, Sunday last,was another day of swaps and changes and yet some amazing contacts were made. Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Austria and Hungary, all making contacts into our net, It was a pleasure to hear them out there…. PLEASE KEEP CALLING FRIENDS, especially the young man that was calling from Hungary, supervised by his father every step of the way….Welcome to this wonderful hobby… Thanks to Alan 108DR314 that shared the info about our youngster calling in.
Those that helped host thanks….. At times we got that busy the hosts,including myself were all calling to different stations making themselves known to us at the same time…… AMAZING….. Those helping please share a copy of your lists for the net, it may well work out that you are the only recipient of a caller and they do not get listed in the write-up, I fully appreciate all the help offered.. Stuart 26DR020, Gina 163DR184, Andy 163DR183, Ian 26DR247 all helped keep the wheels turning and for us to get over 50 in the log in just over 2hrs of rx/tx.
Again for those that never made it into the log, please keep trying….. ALLGROUPS, ALL STATIONS, ALL NATIONS are welcome to call into this net…. GAPS WILL BE LEFT for those mobiles, portables , QRP callers and stations further afield.If you hear us calling please make a recording of it and share, that would be amazing.
Callsigns are available for those would like one, please PM me David, send a full postcode/zipcode and an email address, I will be able to move forward from there….
Thanks for looking de 26DR017 David, Ian 26DR247, Andy 163DR183, Gina 163DR184, Stu 26DR020 our ears will be open and we look forward to that QSO and offering pass-throughs to our international and domestic stations.
73 51 Good DX

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