SuperStar 3900 Beeeeeeeeeeeep!

My email blowing smoke about the continual beep from this radio when pressing buttons. So here is the answer!

You can turn it off in the PC software but it doesn’t turn it off. It’s a noise that you just live with till after Chinese New Year & Spring Festival. Pihernz has asked the factory for an update to make this and I quote “shit annoying sound” to go away.

U.K. users who’ll export mode the radio you’ll need old school style and use the KC shift to minus to obtain the muppets. PC Software only allows 0/5 ending frequencies. You can add to band F but will be ending 0 so 27.600, 610, 620 so remember that.

I’ve been told of low Power on FM and SSB in legal configuration, loosing EU channels when try convert back from export to EU so ALWAYS read Radio first so you’ve a spare copy you can send to radio if disaster comes.

Email your upset via the website

No @lpha channels so don’t expect to use 545/995 etc. Not tried it on PC software at the moment. But if you add @lphas then you loose the normal channel you’ve overwritten.

This is a clone of the old one, non drift board and PC Programming. It needs refinement, it needs changes to both radio and PC software. It comes across as rushed, not tested on air, not been used before release as some errors are simply childish from 2006 times.

AND if this was an Anytone I’d have seen it maybe 6-8 months ago and reported this oddness. Sadly no such thing as a free lunch and all remaining funny issues users will find and PLEASE report them via email to Pihernz it’s there issue and not mine. I see them but can’t keep telling stuff to people who are not interested, not users, just sellers.

Turn on radio with Down Pressed bleep off, turn on with up pressed beep on. Wouldn’t that have been simple? It’s Radio not rocket science then no need for software.

A customer whose got one wrote to the blogs Facebook “It’s back to times of being a BETA tester of Albrecht radios. It sucks mine is being returned”

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