*VIDEO* Enthusiastic Steve K40 v Stryker

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  1. Hi there as a long time radio user and had many a antenna including the K40 .yes the K40 was king year ago .Would like to see the test done again with the likes of the sirìo megawatt or 5000 up again the Sr A-10 .I have both the megawatt ans A10 .My findings are this –
    The sirio is more broadband for using on both 11m and 10m up to 29.700 on the Fm section of 10m band
    The Stryker is very good and on par with the megawatt , but not broadband for use on both bands .Yes it will work on 10m but at the detriment to 11m .
    As a ham op and cb op I find the sirio to be more useful than the stryker .I am not ruling out the A10 it’s a beautiful well made antenna that packs a punch .I would use it more if it was more like the sirio and without the blue lights , as driving at night does attract attention from police and other road users beening blue.
    So to sum up yes buy a A10 it works very well , but do test again and put it up against the big sirio mobile whips the likes of the 4000 megawatt and the sirio 5000.only my thoughts all .


    • Great comments indeed. I found the A10 had less noise against the S5000 and K40 less bandwidth than all of them. Gary CT104 did some great tests way back. Maybe when weather better you can make some tests and me the same. Thanks for writing


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