Thailand, U.K. , Australia It’s The DR DX Group Net

02/04/2023, Delta Romeo Dx Group Net,
Venue/s, Various Locations within the UK,
Frequency, 27.365MHz,
Mode, USB,
Time, 10.00-12.00 BST, Although we may start early….
26/03/2023, Sunday DR Net was another day of all or nothing, the 11m band seemed to be alive with snap,crackle and pops but signals from those further afield were few and far between, altrhough it was noticed a few more signals started to come in after the DR Net was closed…
Australia again was achieved although from the East Coast BRISBANE instead of the West Coast PERTH this time… Even when it seems conditions are down and out , never say never as they can change on a sixpence.
Thanks need to go out to Tony 26DR034/p, Ian 26DR247, Steve, 26DR231, Andy 163DR183, Gina 26DR184, all helped manintain some semblance of order even through the chaos of the noise levels that were on the bands last week…. Let us hope for better this coming Sunday.
As usual, ALL GROUPS, ALL STATIONS, ALL NATIONS, ARE WELCOME TO CALL INTO THIS NET, Gaps will be left for mobiles, portables, QRP callers, SDR RX’ers, and those further afield…. We made Australia last week with help from Tony DR34/p, and the local SDR …. As already mentioned GAPS WERE LEFT……. 43SW045 Michael made himself known …. we did have 50 Div and 153 Div making themselves known and heard on the frequency and mode but signals washed out before confirmation could be made of those calling….. PLEASE KEEP THE FAITH and keep calling my friends …Thanks You…
Thanks for looking de 26DR017.

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