Radioddity QT-40 Photos / Manual / Software

Early online ordering begins in two days from now

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  1. No place to attach external frequency readout? It seems the data port would eventually allow this?


  2. I gather it’s just a clone of the Anytone Ares II, the SuperStar 3900. I also gather it’s made by the same manufacture. I never understood why cb / amateur radio manufactures do this as I know some folks like cartain brands. You have you Cobra guys & then Uniden or Realistic guys so these manufactures make a half dozen radios with different names on the faceplate but the same boards inside. All in all it is nice to see new models on the market though.


    • Only one board across ALL the SSB brands from Qixiang. Just a different front, different software and different output power.

      Ares II is the base that 3900 and this one is based upon. Get many resellers to choose same radio and costs are split better which means end users get a better priced radio..


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