Anytone AT-6666 Where are you??


Where is it? I see now there are minimum order amounts available and this is radio that will sure give the Lincoln II a run for its money. What do we know? It is from the Qixiang stable and has all modes AM/FM/SSB/CW/PA and some really nice power options of 60w AM ( sell like hot cakes in USA / Poland ) then there are 50w FM and maximum 60w SSB. There is an “option” for CTCSS/DCS so add it and don’t keep it as an option and also echo and all the other goodies we need and wait for. PC Programmable also. It has an ASC ( Auto Squelch ) which was better than the President one that I tried last time. And we know that it is sure 25Mhz upwards. WHY NOT MAKE VFO MODE 24-30Mhz then you have again another market place. 10 metres, 11 metres and 12 metres.

I will internal explode if don’t see or have a play with one of these but they are so thin on the ground, maybe not released?

BUT IF YOU READ THIS QIXIANG: 24500-29999 Mhz Please make it happen. Same as with the Maxlog 8900 let us have it as a tri-band like the Stryker SR955