All new Maxlog M8800 Comes to the EU

Limited stocks of the new 8800 from Maxlog will be landing on the shores of the UK sometime in the next 10 days. In another amazing coup a company from the UK will be the first to have these new version radios in stock and indeed the first inside the EU. And those who know radios will know the company as he is lucky and shares the same name as myself? No not Wizard but Simon….

What do we know?

Brand new V07 programming software which now has even more options than before. The old idea of band 1 and band 2 are replaced with Bands 1 to 4 and also now there is a change of background colour. As we know in some lights the old versions had issues and these are now all changed with a switchable back colour so making better a situation that was needed to be addressed.

*I have the software on my PC and yes it shares similar options to the AT5555 there are added options also

** And the once missing Mike Gain is there now inside the software waiting for you

*** A look at the software will come soon on my you tube channel


Gone has the old 28-30 and 25.6-30 MHz idea and this is replaced now with an all new idea and the radio will run from 24.5-30 MHz thus allowing it to be working through from 12 metres all the way till end and beyond of 10 metres. And of course with this comes the new version of software to program all the 1920 channels that are needed to make the radio work across the tri-band idea. Other than the Optima from Good Will and the Stryker 955 from Qixiang I think this will be the only other one running this configuration

Watch this space…. The radio, more news, price information and availability will be here in the next week to 10 days

The radio will be boarded V6 for those who are interested in these matters