Maxlog 8900 **HOT UPDATE**

After a chat with Maxlog yesterday the M8900 is all singing and all dancing and will be heading to these shores also shortly. And if size matters and you have a new car then this radio is for you, it appears to be tiny. The dimensions are 180 x 175 x 53 so you can see the size is really small compared to the 5555 and last time 8900.

Frequency Range

Gone has the old 28-30 and 25.6-30 and it is replaced by true blue tri-band with the quoted range to me being now 24.5-30MHz and comes complete with new software, new ideas and a new mike connection system which seems to be that the mike socket comes out from the back of the radio with a 50cm cable allowing this to be hidden remote if and when you decide to add the radio into the dashboard of a car or similar. AND now the radio comes complete with 6pin mike socket and not the often used 4 pin which many radios came with recently. Also I am told there is a mike connector with RJ45 added to the radio. More news on this later


The radio is small remember and has fitted an IRF520 which will power the radio to 25watts PEP SSB. I am told you can make more but why? For me id turn down the power a little and run an amplifier with it. Makes more sense than stressing out the radio.

More News

Watch this space, waiting now for DHL to do there best and then you will see the radio in the usual place online with my you tube channel. And of course hear it on the air…….