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So we have all had some time to have a look at what the radio is and what more likely it could have been. If the radio was a BMW it would be called a face lift. The radio am sure is based on either one of two scenarios.

A) Send a Lincoln 1 to China and ask for it to be reverse engineered

B) Send the original schematics and ask Please copy this, add CTCSS, echo, DCS, 3 colour display and we need 5000 pieces please. Just like ordering a pizza and ask some extra toppings. What is sadly sure is there is no ” wow I need this radio” about this one. It is more like the same old that has been the past President stuff.

Example A: Harry 2 had export channels and these were 120 channels. When the Harry 3 was released and there was a chance to make more of it, NO it was released with the same 120 channels.


The passion is not there. The owner YES was passionate and the genius of the ASC is that, a genius but sadly as the years go on some retire and like us all we get older. And what is the legacy? Stickers inside the box for all to see in Poland on all the trucks, cars with CB inside and also antennas. Strong brand, strong name, proud heritage. BUT now is almost 2014 and people want something different than the others on the block.


The original Lincoln was a great radio. There is NO radio person that can say otherwise. Myself I spoke with over 250 countries with one of these from the car. Ranging from Tristan Da Cunha to Hong Kong, Australia to Zambia and it never let you down. Uniden was on there game, and made the best. Higher power could have been on this radio like the Stryker which shares some DNA with the Lincoln. Make the new Lincoln 12metre-10metre as we all know with other radios it is possible. But President being President kept it simple, a copy of a relic.  They once more live on something from the past. No spirit, No new ideas. Qixiang can make radios with 80w SSB, they can make 24-31MHz and heaps of other ideas. A chance missed. Conservative & No Imagination. So many years we were promised the something special Lincoln, it was delayed, delayed and delayed. I have come to the conclusion that if there was no Hannover 9000, No Anytone 5555 and indeed NO Intek 5500 then there would be no Lincoln II. All share DNA, whether the Lincoln will be the king or will it be the ugly half sister in a hat? Time will tell.

All radios with the brand President carry a 5 year guarantee Not the Lincoln II? Is it they are scared of reliability?  But alas NO. The small print says when you produce the invoice of a President antenna you will receive an extra time of warranty. And that President CB Radios ( Note this is an amateur radio not a CB )

These words are from the website

“An optimal and reliable performance of your President CB Radio will be reached only if the device is used with a real President antenna. Upon presentation of the original invoice of the antenna you will be given 3 additional years warranty on the CB Radio 2+3 that is 5 years”

So that must mean in plain English your President CB Radio is shit to use when not on a President antenna. Simple thing, buy a cheap ( hmm President, so not cheap ) President mag mount and then bin it, use a Sirio as it works better and keep the invoice. So for your £30 you have an extra 3 years warranty.

Out of ideas, The Lincoln II branded a “President CB Radio” in there own words of warranty. They call the radio with a MENU FONCTION SO Please check before you update the website next time as looks as professional as a clown in a suit.

I know well that I have some grass and snitches who pass words onwards, cry to the companies and say Simon said this, Simon did that so please do the same again. Comedy of errors, missed opportunity, missed goals and dreams, expensive brand, over 30 years of business, known as a world leader for stuff, people wait for it like with apple with a new iPhone. BUT, get it right. People will wait, forgive time delays but expect the best… And is this the best that over 10 years of waiting can possibly find? Hmm I think ………………………………..



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  1. You are of course correct. Use a Jackson II on fibreglass antenna and sometimes final blows. Never was solved or cured. The Lincoln was the radio along with the George that defined a generation of users. Both died with RoHs and finals becoming obsolete. If the relationship was there with Uniden and let us be fair they produced the JFK2, Harry 3, Johnny3, Thomas & William but Uniden could not make a Lincoln. So look on alibaba or google “cheap copy of Lincoln needed” and Qixiang name came up. The DNA of the new radio is sure Anytone (VFO Mode, multi-colour screen) and not the build quality. I remember some years back it was rumoured the Grant II would have the same channel change as the Johnson II and here it appears on the Lincoln II. Also, did Qixiang copy the mike from Uniden or did they ask for the design? Looks the same.
    Over 10 years of waiting, people wondering and asking and what comes to the market? A poor mans Uniden. Time will tell but on the basis of looking, reading and thinking it seems the brand has stepped another 10 paces backwards and not 5 forward. NOW we need wait and see how it is….


  2. My brand loyalty for the President line dwindled after the Jacko II, I agree with you Simon, they had a chance to do it right but blew it.I don’t see myself paying a Uniden price for a Qixiang radio but I’m sure the masses will.Will the Grant II ever see the light of day??? When 10 years from now???Will they get it right …. probably not.


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