President Grant II & President George II & Future

Interesting thoughts. But is there any real meat on the bone with this as a plan, or not?

Grant II

This was a radio that was supposed to come to market before the Lincoln II and as we know and as of this date neither have actually been seen outside of the confines of Joel’s secret space within President (IF the G2 existed). What I know about the supposed Grant II was that it was, and remember these were rumours from 2010 and 2011. Nothing since then

a) Would be din sized and probably based on the shell of the Johnson II. That the radio would have backlight buttons and use the same up and down arrows as the Johnson II. And let us remember that these buttons and backlight buttons come now with the Lincoln II.

b) The final would be the same not reliable Mitsubishi that was inside the Jackson II.

c) There would either be a multi EU version or the export version of the Grant II. Meaning it would come multi EU and then be export modified with the same idea of jumper and wire.

Where did these rumours start?

These rumours were from inside a President company, and leaked to someone who told me and also told many other dealers. These rumours were confirmed via 3 people in 3 countries. And for the nosy ones the people were in Poland, Germany and the UK. These rumours were loud in 2010 and 2011 and since then the trail has gone cold.

George II

Brilliant Radio and so easily could have been the Lincoln Killer. All it needed were a few more bands and made a little more user friendly. By this statement I mean that the radio needed to be able to do more than 0 and 5’s and needed something like a Lincoln way of dropping the frequencies.

Uniden made a radio along with the James that was light years away from the competition and is still fetching vast amounts of money on ebay and is indeed a radio that many try and source. IF you want to add petrol to the fire look at the AT5555 and the George. Both have an echo board, both has the sliding lights for the meter, both have ASC and some of the early 5555 had an ASC that was so like the President ASC in the way the filters were sat that it could have been directly from a Uniden produced radio. Those WHO KNOW will surely stand alongside me with those comments.

George was even at factory price expensive. Bearing in mind the cost when it was new, then think of how the market is now, how the prices are getting higher. I think a replacement would be cost prohibitive in these times. Not saying it cannot come, I think it is not likely to come at the moment ( as President releases it tomorrow hehehe )


President is changing, Uniden has changed and sure there is more business for them to make 4 million DECT phones than a handful of radios for President. BUT UNIDEN has some new AM models in the USA and sure with time these can come some of them as multi EU radios for sure. That is almost guaranteed as the Thomas and William were from Australia and not new as such. Current SSB Radio the 980SSB can be a Grant II, all the stuff is there. It takes little R&D to mule that into something. It sure can handle all the EU norms and the export with new insides. It is not impossible, but is it possible?

Sadly and I write it here clearly that the people in Balaruc think I get my information from Romania and from another place in Moldova but this is so untrue. I study the market, I see the trends, I know the trends and indeed know better than them what they do. Creatures of comfort. No need to make waves when something can be done easier. I commend them for this. The market shrinks now, is more busy in India, Pakistan and further to the east and not in the UK, Germany or France. Poland is a healthy market and President is King there. And it should be, clever marketing, smart radios, the best quality from Uniden. But what I will say there is an almost invisible line between love the product and hate it. Bear this in mind when releasing new things, be sure they are as good as you state and most of all remember keep those close to you that need be, and listen to those further away. Sometimes the most unlikely person can help you more than those who you think