Hail the Urano


Imported via Italy from Marcucci comes the 114.75 euro plus tax Urano. Manufactured at the same factory as the Stabo XH9006e and the President Randy II. Made in Taiwan by Chieftek and normally called the Chieftek Rescue 27 it will come as no surprise that it will sell like hot cakes in Italy where Lafayette has its base but the rest of Europe will be a been there and done it radio. The Stabo version bravely states “President ASC Inside” but there is political license there as it has no such thing on the inside. In the defence I have made some superb contacts on the Randy II and the Stabo via external antennas and the quality is good on both the transmit and receive. Will it change the world? Nah. Will it piss off President as will be the same as they have with a different name? Yep could be. Look out for the Urano in the early parts of 2014 with its 1-3w AM and 1-4w FM with the export channels of 120 offering something like 6w AM and 7w FM when used on the external power source via battery eliminator. Will it have one? Who cares as the President will work on it