Anytone AT5555N (N-Not Yet Available)


So what do we know about this new large screened radio from the same stable as the Lincoln II. At the moment as the radio is not at all in production there are a heap of things open to change along the rocky road which is samples, look for a dealer, costs of set up and the like.  What we know is the radio will be RJ45 miked like the Avanti Fortuna and that the PC programming according to my source will also be via the front end socket. As well as some new ideas around the board the power has been raised on the AM side while the FM / SSB are almost the same as with the normal allowing CE Norms to be matched and to be ok. The radio is the start of a 2014 onslaught from Qixiang, and you should wait and see all the new models that will be running off that production line. The radio will unlock it appears via key routine being Band1 Band2 Band3 and Band4 so I have heard from a dealer in Spain but not confirmed. What seems amazing is that they could make 24MHz upwards for the Stryker known as the Stryer on Prototype and also the Lincoln II known as Uncoln II on prototype is rumoured (via Truckerswereld) to be 24-30MHz in export mode so why not cut the slack with the customers and make the 5555N the same 24500-30110MHz this way makes the market more interesting and allows the end user who is the most important with more choices. But I will say here, wait more news on this one there is A LOT OF THINGS MORE TO COME so wait and see.

As everybody knows as it is not such a well kept secret the talk on the vines at the moment is to expect a 0-30MHz radio in 2014 with a very and I mean VERY respectable price. More than 1 source now confirm that this seems to be on the cards and expect something along the lines ( size and shape wise ) of a TS50S.

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