President Grant II & UK Legal SSB Norms


Today I have received via you tube PM and also emails from people who know my address emails about the multi-norm President Grant II. I have explained, called two people and explained and now write here for the first time about this and please read carefully before you write me messages more

The Grant II is a new radio on the market in January 2014. LEGAL SSB IN THE UK is now illegal and so cannot sell a radio with let us say Setting U 27601-27991 and EU 4w AM/4w FM/ 12w SSB as it is not legal. Plus please remember this radio was designed before the final outcome from OFCOM which was in December can I remind you. I read my emails where people told me “Simon I knew in 2012 it would be legal” well I have read reports also and this I think was not the case. Maybe you had a crystal ball, I have no access to one.

To say that makers knew in advance the time SSB would be legal am not sure that is true. If OFCOM announced it in December they will not tell President, Albrecht, Intek or John Doe in May or June.

For all the moaning remember that President at least bother to continue to bring multi-EU SSB Radios to market. How many of you are writing emails to Midland as they have a CEPT SSB Radio named the 8001XT and ask them why it is not multi-EU also. Guess not anyone at all.

Albrecht have the new AE7500 and AE5890EU Compressor both new to the market. Do they have also the new legal SSB norm for the UK? OF COURSE AND OBVIOUSLY NOT.

It cannot be done now, so change the band and enjoy the SSB when it is legal. Time will tell in the meantime how many people will invest into a multi-EU norm radio where the UK has its FM and then AM/FM/SSB Mid Band on the button.

Now, just be happy there is a new radio on the scene. Surely that is more important than moving a button or two?

And for the people who told me there Jackson II was rubbish as cannot be used on the SSB in UK here it is for you.

Switch Radio OFF
Turn Radio on with the F button UP POSITION
Using the channel change or the UP/DN on mike select BAND E
Turn Radio Back ON

On the channel display will show E, this is Espana and so you now have 4w AM, 4w FM, 12W PEP SSB and on the new legal norm from end of July 2014. No need as you told me I am going to call and email President and tell them. I explained via email, and if you look here now also. RADIO WORKS ALL OK….

Grant II UK LEGAL SSB NORMS (When Legalised)

F button pressed and with CB OFF press the power button keeping the F button pressed
ConF and the letter of the band will be seen on the screen, release F Button and button remains alight
Change band by using the channel change or the UP/DN on the mike
Turn and select EU on the screen
Press F till you hear the BEEEP will take about 1 second or so

Welcome then to legal SSB in the UK after the July / August start date