President Lincoln II & President Grant II For The USA


Sorry for my slowness in replying to the mails but needed time to think as sometimes there is a little space needed in the meantime. And easier a bulk answer here than many small ones. MY GUESS is that 1 is a European CB so would not be shipped to the USA and the other a 10m radio that would need a heap of papers to be imported? But the latter I am not completely sure.

So with this in mind I can only recommend to contact someone like Avera ( or Radiozing ( I base this on there excellence of sourcing USA Radios, Antennas etc so based on this they must also know how to deal and send to the USA.

So need one of these on your desk in the USA I think as of today, and before I learn different or I hear different then it is easier to go this route as sure shops I think will not be carrying these models in any big way.