Simon The Wizard Mention On


it is always nice to have a mention and so I would like to thank my friend at for the mention. I have emailed the man behind this excellent space many times. He is another place where CB Companies come to learn the news. The mention was about the Maxlog.


 Maxlog M-8900

You probably haven’t heard of Maxlog before, unless you already own the Maxlog M-8800. The M-8800 was smiliar to the Anytone AT-5555 but early versions suffered from a couple of issues.

From what we’ve heard from the famous CB insider (Simonradioman) the new M-8900 will feature –

* Programming software     * 4 Band options with 40 channels per band     * 24-30 MHz     * 15w FM     * 25w SSB     * 6 Pin Mike at the back of radio ( on a cable )

President Lincoln II

This one was under wraps and is perhaps the most widely anticipated radio, but no one even knew it was coming until a small leak a couple of months ago. Apparently President wasn’t planning on letting the cat out of the bag this early but once the hype started building they confirmed that this radio is going to hit the market.

I pleaded guilty to both charges when asked about them and at the moment I am on self imposed bail and need try better in 2014 to be less leaky. But as you see with the frequency modification page am still undergoing therapy with this.

Please check the Buyers Guide 2013 on the website it is really quite good. And if I know the man well am sure he will have there more sooner rather than later the Grant II and Lincoln II