President Grant II 25.820MHz AM

So here we are guys proof as we always knew there is life down on 25MHz. A band that was used so much during the 80’s into 90’s when you wanted to escape all the people on the 27MHz and latterly the 26Mhz band also. I have an affection with this band as always used to speak some friends from Hungary down on 25.980 / 25.970 and 25.655 back some 20 years almost when they used to sign off as being in Austria when in fact they were here in Budapest. So I am always looking around to see what is happening, whether it is Russian Taxi down on 25.615FM or other voices around.

Today here we are, some hotel taxi service in the centre of town maybe 10km or so from me and there signals are booming. So there is no issue with the Grant II receiving down below 26MHz and this was on the AM Band which is where CB should be. Antenna my side was the Antron 99 with the Sigma Eurocomm Fire-Up tip.

Check in the summer when the sporadic e season is on. I have heard and worked a lot of places that are sometimes locals chit chatting. Back in the last century there was a lot of activity from Newfoundland, Lapland and in particular a guy in Yorkshire cannot remember his name but was bloody loud always. Some were Pendle Witch DX Stations and also a lot of WAC including a truck driver from the Netherlands who was always loud down on these bands.

WAC World Amateurs Club was founded in the Netherlands in 1983 by Bertus & Wolfgang

PW (Pendle Witch DX Group) Was born in Colne in Lancashire and had a monitor frequency of 26485 USB