President Brings Us Liberty


Like most CB’ers let me start off with the moaning element about the mike and from there move onwards. Well I would like it if the colour was better, the box was a little less bling and the button which says P on it I would buy the mike if it said TX on it.

So now the minority have been spoken about let us get down to the real hard facts and whether it is anything or not.

First. A cordless mike that allows me to sit on my sofa monitoring let us say channel 19 or 555 without getting from the chair well that’s a bonus. Holds its charge a long time, excellent and works 100m away from the car so if swinging the beam using the “arm method” you can hear when the voice gets louder so you know your beaming some sort of almost OK direction.

* Works with any President mike that uses the 6pin mike socket. Superb also, universal. But release as a extra the RJ45 to 6 pin socket so it allows use also on the Thomas ASC which many use as it is small to fit in modern cars.

Don’t get this mike confused with the Uniden version. I have the Uniden Bearcat version also and they are leagues apart with how they work, and what they work on. SO let me clear that up. If you think like me it could be smart to buy the cheaper mike and use it on the Presidents, it does not work that way so you need Liberty to work with the Presidents and the Uniden uses a different waveband which is apparently illegal in the EU. *I was told*

Connect the base to the radio 6 pin, turn on the radio and press the P (Pair) button and after a few minutes light is green and the sound is from the mike. Volume can be adjusted on the mike from almost zero till a quite loud volume which would be fine in a motor vehicle and as I believe the mike is noise cancelling this will help with road noise along the way. The loud speaker is working well and when used in sync with the HI-CUT and ANL it makes a world of difference and the sound is quite clear and sharp whether it is used on AM/FM or SSB.

Now to add to the pluses if there was a room for improvement what would be nice if technically possible to add to the mike.

* Channel up and down. If truly wire free this would be a lovely option so all can be done remote via the mike

* Dual Audio Settings

A) Setting1. Noise cancelling for the mobile operations. Gets less noise and more use in the cars and trucks

B) Setting2: Electret, louder and stronger audio needed on some Presidents with no mike gain. This would be nice on AM for example where the audio is needed to be driven stronger to provide the “swing” as it were.

Price yes it is expensive I cannot say it is not. From £117.99 plus shipping and if inside the mainland here we have Markus at Neuner with 139 euros plus the shipping.

With the Grant II I have tested it the most as the Grant 2 was here some days while messing with it and it works really well. Also it works well with the Herbert and Johnny. The audio is good, clear and sharp. I will not say it is strong as it is not. It is well balanced and defined, not shrill, not nasal but it is not strong like you get from for example a Sadelta or Astatic and sure this is due to the DNA being noise cancelling.

President Liberty some think as a gimmick sort of toy idea and this is far from the reality. It is the first steps to a cordless system where who knows maybe we can use a CB wire free with the addition of channel change on the mike? Maybe it can be done via the base unit and voltage or a up/dwn on the base unit? I don’t know the answer here. But what Liberty does is allow the first steps to more safe use of the CB, no wires across you when driving which has to be good? Safer solution it is.

50-100m distance coverage from the base unit, loud sound via the speaker, volume controls work effortless and so simple to add the connection to the radio it is both fool and error proof.

A video of how it works will be added to the you tube asap. Just here is a brief over view I guess.

If you have a Grant or Indeed a Jackson 2 in the car and you want to use SSB without all the car noise then it is perfect, no questions asked. Do you want to use at home where the environment is quieter then sure it works well just it would need a little more power on the audio, and checks with some dealers also back this up as they see the mike as a little “quiet” BUT first steps into wire free is a massive plus and now wait Liberty II maybe with some extra options, who knows……

I wait to see how the unit works on the LI2. This has various mike gain settings in the menu so maybe this will make the mike louder. We need to wait till L2 is here with us, according to the dealers its the end of January into February and this time is fast coming now..


  1. Hello Simon,

    Thanks for the reviews and videos. For your info, I just purchased the Uniden BC906W and have rewired it to work with Yaesu 8-Pin microphone connectors. As the Yaesu does not supply enough voltage or any receive audio at the connector, I simply added a 3.5mm plug and a DC connector on a short cable that runs from the newly fitted 8-pin connector. It looks neat and required no opening or modification of the microphone or base-unit. It works great! (A few simple adapters and I will now be able to use this microphone on ANY radio…)

    I also added a 3.5mm headphone jack the the back of the microphone. (There is just enough room on the back panel, half way between the “+” button and the microphone clip).

    The President may already have some of the required cabling in place for “universal use”, but the significant price difference for the Liberty makes no sense for me in Australia (especially as I intended to modify it anyway). Most importantly, both the Uniden and President microphones WILL perform the same on “Universal” radios when wired/modified correctly. Personally, I like the black look of the Uniden the best too.




    • Hi Pez,

      Well thanks for the message and news. I have the bearcat mike and Liberty but honestly I made Uniden work with some President and not all.

      If you ever do a video let me know will be nice to see. Many congratulations on the achievement. How do you find the audio on the Yaesu

      Best Wishes



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