Place President Grant II Calls Home


Many people were surprised and indeed some shocked to see that the new President Grant II was not made at the usual Uniden factory in Jiangxi China but was actually manufactured at the Uniden facility in Hai Doung Province in Vietnam (photo included above)

Radios it goes to show you can be made outside of the normal confines of China as and when the development is done and the philosophy to make something special can and will succeed.

And adds more to the Kudos of what Uniden says “A World Without Wires”

What could be next?

* Maybe a remote displayed CB that can be used via DECT and operated via cordless mike
* Add some cellular technology to the radio, incorporate new ideas
* Handset like from the William that can be used on a new series of radios, works as wire free adapter also.
* Transmit, received audio, channels, scan, ASC, remote all via terminal with cable free connection to the radio
* SSB wider bandwidth for 10m +/- 3.8Khz

Everything can be thought of, just needs the excellence to make those thoughts a reality.

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  1. ….and a USB stereo player with FM statio radio all incorporated in a single complete unit to mount in the dash!


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