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Intek KT-980HP (High Power Hand Held)

Looks an interesting hand held and one which would have here for tests but companies quoting £20.00 for postage when can see online the price for weight is around £10 so not any need to invest in there coffee fund so will leave well alone for now. What makes this interesting for me is the 7w UHF and the 6.25KHz step so allowing PMR frequencies to be set bang on. WELL DONE INTEK and am not sure, yes looks like a Baofeng to me but like the higher power option. £60 or there about so also expensive as you can get 3x UV5R these days for around the same price but with the lower power of course.

•Frequency range 144-146 MHz (136-174 MHz) / 430-440 (400-470 MHz
•TX Power (HIGH-MID-LOW): VHF (8W / 4W / 1W) / UHF (7W / 4W / 1W)
•Maximum transmitter output power in the Amateur Radio bands
•128 Channels
•Backlighted LCD Display with Digital S/RF and Battery mete
•Dual Band, Dual Frequency, Dual Display
•CALL / TOT (Time-Out-Timer) / LOCK / VOX / Dual Watch / Roger Beep
•1750 Hz Repeater Tone / Shift Repeater / Repeater Sound Response
•DTMF Signaling / PTT ID
•Steps 2.5/5/6.25/10/12.5/25 KHz
•Adjustable Squelch Level / Selectable RF Power (Hi-Mid-Low)
•50 CTCSS / 106 DCS tones
•Selectable Wide/Narrow mode
•Busy Channel Lockout / Offset / Emergency Alarm / FM Radio 88-108 MHz
•Battery Save / Tail Tone Elimination / Emergency Alarm / SOS
•PC programmable (with optional PC cable)
•Dimensions mm 58(L) x 110(H) x 32(D) / Weight 205 gr.

** UPDATE **

I’ve just heard from Ronald the Boss at Truckerswereld

He will have these radios next week in stock so check the web site next week

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