25w, FM Mode, 4,210KM. President Lincoln II

So here we are ladies and gentlemen the surprise of the day this morning:

4,210 KM or 2,615 miles

President Lincoln II
CR 577 Mike
25 watts
Zetagi Antenna Switch
Sigma Eurocomm Venom 1/2 No Radials ( £29.99 )

309EX303 Mr Vlad Bishkek

President Jackson
10 watts
14 Home Made Antenna

He gave a super audio report and signal up to 9+ on the scale. Localised AM activity on 205 made it hard (taxi) and also QSB and QRN locally.

But nice little QSO and great to see what FM has to offer these days.


  1. Were can we find these 577 mics. QSO’d USA on AM with Lincoln 2 straight out of box. Impressed.

    USB is not too shabby either. Need external speaker I THINK.


  2. Simon, this is great! What are the settings on your CR577?
    In the video I saw your mic gain was on 31-32
    73’s Bert, 19CT008


    • Hi Bert. Thanks for writing. Mike Gain was indeed 32 and on the CR577 the volume was 4 and tone was between 4-6 depending it you want it to sound more bass or treble. 73 Simon


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