CB Semi Duplex Repeater


Hi Guys and am always happy to show you something new and well here is another thing that is new and can actually be bought from the maker. A Semi Duplex repeater for CB Radio and take a look at the videos also.

You Tube Please Search: Milan Caha

The coverage seems to be really excellent and keep watching the website as the maker who I have spoken with is a true genius and the next time am heading to Czech Rep you can guarantee I will have a radio with me (hopefully) that can make CTCSS and have a try through this system. It is a brilliant idea and as I understand it will be now in the process of the various agencies to be made legal. EQSO also works with this, it is in a room on the system but personally I have not found it yet.

Starduster_01_02_2014 Schrott

At the moment as of today the antenna is RIP as a storm and incredible strong winds killed the Starduster M400


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