80,000 Blog Views


Another milestone and a thank you to those ALL OF YOU who have looked at the blog since the start. I am extremely lucky and fortunate that President released some new radios this year 4 so far as a favourite brand of mine and so many other radio men and ladies. So plenty of things to talk about throughout the radio world and in this great hobby that we all share.


Thanks to those who have sent messages, sent ideas, reviews, allowed videos, allowed modifications to be posted here on the blog. Guess will write a little more If the blog hits 100,000
Nothing is taken for granted so maybe it does maybe it does not.


  1. Keep up the good work Simon (and the links…Thankyou).

    In my view President raised the bar on radios with the realease of the GRANT 2 CB. CB being the key word. Then came the Lincoln 2 Amateur radio…..with Echo. Markets aside and all that what a shambles.

    These are my views and no-one elses. I to have a selection of Presidents.


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