You’ve Bust Your President Now What….


So we will take a look at the superb President Service Department. I am able to comment as have met the team in Balaruc, also was very lucky to meet Mr Bertrana the genius behind the ASC and other President’ish stuff so will let you know what I know and what I think is the best way ahead. Something you may not know, some you may learn new information and some you will not believe? It is down to you. I POST HERE from recollections and users who used it and were happy.

So here we have the two scenarios and you decide which suits you best

My radio for example does not have output power when key the mike. Shows as less than 500mw.

You take the radio to the dealer where you purchased it, they will examine it and see if it is possible for them to fix it. REMEMBER no export mods as the warranty is up in smoke. They decide it needs something else, so they tell you they need to send it to France and can take 8-10 weeks. This is because they will wait and see if another piece comes as combined shipping is easier but takes longer. You swear and shout 8 weeks and start the President this, President that language. Leave annoyed and pissed off, and deciding you will not waste money on another President radio. They key is the dealer sends and pays the cost to President and President pay UPS back to the dealer… Remember this….

Scenario Two

You have the same issues with the same radio as mentioned above, 500mw output and not 4w as described in the brochure.

President have the best engineers for their products. I have met them, they are the best. Over 1 million euro of spares for all radios they make and have under warranty. All the machines that are there are calibrated for all their radios, all the service manuals are there and the people who tested them during the prototype stages are there also. So why wait when you can and could send directly. You pay a sensible courier to take the radio to Balaruc.

President are hot on repairs, so don’t believe the President take 8 weeks to fix stuff. Unless it is the two weeks holidays in August the repair takes 48 hours and next is the things you don’t know or maybe will not believe.

I will use the Jackson II as an example.

President and Uniden are forever updating radios through the life of the radio. So my Jackson II from 2008 will not be the same as the Jackson II bought in 2013. REMEMBER this is based on sales, if your dealer sells 5 a year then you could have an old produced one and not the latest one. And if the radio can be updated then it will be done also. Whether it is a capacitor or maybe a resistor to a different value. If there is something there to be done they will either do it or inform you about it *If out of warranty and cost involved etc* The key is speak to them.

So before you swear and get upset always remember to get in touch with President directly and this can save you weeks, money in the end as you are dealing direct and not via a middle man.

None of us are angels, President know this. So if you have cut the wire on your Lincoln II and messed up something in that hidden menu you were not supposed to do tell them. The repair will cost you anyway. Warranty went with the cut wire but save them time and you money by telling the truth of what was done.

If you are a legal guy email them for instructions how to send, or what is needed, copy of receipt etc. I CANNOT DO THIS as don’t know or remember how this was done. Legal guy meaning run the radio normal, no modifications and not any wire cut or things done.

So what this small post is about is the fact that President can help with the repairs, you do not need to wait 8 weeks or longer. BUT THE KEY is, like with all TELL THEM STRAIGHT I did this, I did that and this can maybe reflect in the costs if not warranty covered as you told them which area to look so no guessing would be needed

This is only a small guide, best is to get in touch and see what they say of course.
But there is always more than 1 option when a bust radio is involved.

4 thoughts on “You’ve Bust Your President Now What….

  1. Hello Simon ,

    Last month, I called President France ( I’m french ) and ask them this question :
    I’m Ham radio AND CB user too . What’s happen with the warranty if I buy a Lincoln 2 in export mode, also what about the 5 years warranty if i buy in the same time a president antenna.
    Answer : If you buy the lincoln in export mode in a registered dealer and your bill mention the export mode transformation, the warranty will work for your radio. Also the 5 years works too.

    Hope it’s the same in every countries.


  2. ….and President with his TOP engineers should not release on the market cheap unfinished projects selled as premium products like the very last two radios…


    • Last two are Grant II & Lincoln II. The feedback is harsh concerning Grant II as works very well, not only mine but general consensus. Remember your “audio mods” are taking away the 1.8khz audio legal limitation so can’t hardly be called unfinished. Lincoln II always brave as non Uniden. But look at the market place? You think AE5890 or AE7500 are better SSB radios? DX5000 which in V4 turn on ASC the s-meter died. At least they invest and release something. If you want Yaesu quality buy Yaesu. I think your comments are fair and also not fair. You praised audio with CR577 via email and also how good SWR was and receive. “Now they are cheap unfinished” like every company nothing ever will be totally as all people would like. Greetings Simon


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