CRT SS 9900 *Available Soon*


So the radio that some people in the UK call the “Next Generation” will be soon on sale via CRT France. From the back it looks like the AT5289 so maybe shares the same shell? But will be again an all singing 10m radio this time with a little more power.

60w SSB
50w FM
30w AM
28000-29700 / 25610-30110
PC Programmable
Memory Channels
10KHz Switch
0-36 variable mike gain
Roger Bleep, Programmable
CTCSS/DCS (Not sure if optional now or not)

Although not stated I am told VFO Mode will be also on this model.

The delay in the release comes from issues with another project (Thanks for information Fabrice) but it is not confirmed directly from any sources in Asia. Availability and price yet unknown and if you want to read about the prototype for yourself that was loaned out via K-PO so expect to see the radio surely under there name also.

If you ask me and of course you don’t? I think will be almost the same as all the others. Price range not known but has to be 200 euro area or more would be my guess

** Update ** I’ve received an email from Qixiang so thanks to them for being in touch. Radio will be available end of March 2014 under various names and brands..