Highlights & New Comment Moderation

Akismet has protected your site from 1,876 spam comments already.
There are 82 comments in your spam queue right now.

Many will see some subtle under the hood changes from now into the next weeks. Due to the site actually suffering from a lot of spam (medical supplies, travel, bulk messages) this takes up much of the width of the blog, plus it is a free blog so space is limited and with adverts. Hence why in 2013 the earlier articles are now stored differently and when check the archive it states from May onwards.

Also adjustment mode videos are deleted from the blog, you tube and sites attributed to me. Reason was two guys from the UK who wrote about it and indeed I was not the first to post it or mention it so no need to keep it there. I helped two from the three who bust there radio so was useful at this point, now not really. So deleted it. If it is not there then people are less likely to meddle and to look for something then there radio will be all the better for it. So thanks to those who advised it, was smart idea plus saves maybe peoples radios and blog space.

As the spam the last weeks has got more now when you post a point it will be moderated and not automatic accepted as some were automatic and out of this a few turned out as spam in the end so best was to make it tighter. I don’t know if they see the people who posted the comments email, so to start with blank space now as more views is the wise route. IF NOT then many maybe get the same spam as the site has.

One comment from a btinternet.com address looked fine so clicked authorize all comments and the next were spam. So that’s why things need to change.

Blog continues as before. Just thanks to wordpress have placed some restrictions to aid the site to function faster and also to stop un-solicited mails to be maybe sent onwards from addresses seen from comments.