GPE President Himalaya (Black Pirate)


As CB expands its footprint now to new markets like India, Pakistan, Iraq and indeed some hits here from Nepal, Cambodia and also Bhutan it is nice to see the hobby expands. AND always nice that there can be possibly more voices on the air with this lovely hobby we all share.

Today with help installed the newly named President Himalaya which back in the day for me sat on hills in Czech Republic with antenna against a post was called the Black Pirate. Many people swore by these antenna and made many a KM on them. The newly named Himalaya is easily erected, build is good, low noise at the moment, hears well and does not seem prone to static bursts (at the moment) like my other ones do here as of today date. Can be weather related as now damp and humid.

Mine is temporary on a post till the weather is better and can make more of it. The SWR was flat 1.1 on the band from 27300-28000 and with a little tweak it was made also fine down as low as 26200 and from there it went to around the 1.6 area so I guess turn again and makes lower.

FT450D, DG1OGW Mike, KL203P

The first contact was 1DX411 Alberto located (locator to locator) 612KM with 5/3/5 report exchanged.

Todays second QSO was with 95AT102 Naran in Mongolia, nice sound although guess not on the video and was 5/5 with the 100w this amp delivers via the radio. There maybe is a chance that the “fire-up” can be added for extra ideas but have not thought of that at the moment. The radials are a little large for my small garden so are not attached at the low level at the moment. Above sea level around 130m and above the ground level I guess around 2m on a small steel pole.

More will come with time, but this was a first look, first thoughts. And sure before people write and say that an Antron is 69 euro and a Himalaya 169 euro this I know for sure. It is a HUGE PRICE for an antenna. I have no idea why the difference when one is shipped from USA and one from EU. You need ask others for this.. Maybe labour, taxes and EU sourced materials, I truly have not any idea at all. The article here was simply to say how it was for SWR and initial QSO, the rest will come. Back now to the Grant II and KL203P onwards.

And to Vinda I will be looking at the Aravalli soon and will feature it when I can. I will be back with that, and in meantime hope my email answered your query.

*13.26 UTC 3AT128 Leonardo from Itapeva, SP Distance 9302km in the log also. Grant II, 100W, Sadelta Mike
*14.13 UTC 91CM/000 Bruno Lombok Island Indonesia 8754km with a 5/3 report. Grant II, 100w, Sadelta Mike