80-10m 5 Band QRP X1M Transceiver


So one of the many radios now that can be seen on ebay coming from China and all around. £280 plus the shipping with the “principle” it can work on 11m with a external low pass filter. I like the idea that it behaves like an Icom IC-718 when connected to the PC, I like the 5w output as enough. Sure the FT-817ND has shown us this as well as 32 channels and 2x VFO’s. I have emailed one reseller and he told me it works on all 26-28MHz but not special. I don’t know as of now as have not seen, touched or operated one of these radios.

Do I have one? No but would like one to see how it works. 2.2khz receive and USB/LCB/CW so all that’s needed. Plus it has the benefit of not being large, not heavy and easy to carry around for the SOTA and IWI guys where a big station is not or cannot be needed.

Does anyone have one that reads the blog? Get in touch and share what you know about this radio. It looks dead interesting from the initial look, but can it all be as good as it seems?

One thought on “80-10m 5 Band QRP X1M Transceiver

  1. Hi Simon,

    I have had an X1M-PRO for 6 months now, and while it is excellent for the price there are some issues. Quality Control is not great, but if you get a good one you will be happy. Mine had poor alignment, a loose speaker and LCD display and a faulty LM386 audio amp from new – I have now fixed these issues, but unless you have some skills and are happy to take the radio on as a small “project”, I would probably not recommend it over an FT817, even though it is cheaper. Some thoughts:

    -Output power decreases the higher in frequency you go, down to about 3W on 10M. Out of the 5 ham bands, the un-filtered TX signals are not great (as you may expect), but it sure does work.

    -It is much smaller than you think – no matter how many photos you see, the rig is smaller than you will expect.

    -The receiver is quiet, but still rather sensitive. Audio output is not very high.

    – Current draw is high – About 400-500mA on RX (from memory).

    -PC (IC-718) control is good – but note the IC-718 code set does NOT support PTT via CAT – therefore you will need another com port or output to PTT remotely (this is not ideal!)

    -There is no AGC. This can be a challenge. (There is a retro-fit AGC board available from third parties).

    -The X1M Yahoo group is responsible for almost all of the improvements and firmware fixes that have been seen so far – it is a great community of very helpful people.

    – It does work. I have spoken around the globe on many bands (I am licensed).

    Cheers, Pez


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