BHI-Limited NEIM 1031 MK2


In this day and age of more things generating noises from plazma TV to PC and all the other things in reserve it is nice to have a noise killer on your side. With this being the case and living in a noisy place it is worth a look at the in line noise eliminator from BHI-LTD in the UK.

Fully Adaptive noise cancelling 9 – 35dB
8 user selectable noise cancelling levels
Audio input power 5W rms max
Audio output power 3W rms max
Line level input and output phono sockets
Line level sensitivity 300Mv – 2V rms
Line level impedance 10K
New improved filter level control knob
3.5mm audio input/output sockets
3.5mm Headphone socket (mono or stereo headphones)
Separate output volume control
Noise Cancellation on / off switch
12 – 24Vdc operation 500mA
Input level control with overload warning LED

Tested with HF and also Grant II and the Lincoln II. What can I say? The Grant II did not really need it and there was not so much enhancement but on the other side the Lincoln II it made a difference and it worked well. NOT AN EXCUSE and should not be needed, just a reference point that it did work and managed some nice contacts where the signal was almost non existent and the DSP brought them up and was perfectly ok via headphones. On my speaker which one of them is not the best it was harder to hear.

This is not a debate on the Lincoln II like on If your radio is broken and you do not want to wait all the weeks to get it fixed then send it to France with the receipt and the issue. IF HOWEVER you are cheap, take it to the dealer and wait the 8-12 weeks this is up to you. If you buy something on ebay and return it you pay the postage. So nothing different.

I am in the early stages here and still click click click to find a setting that is best for me. At the moment the filter level 3 for some radios like Grant II, Jackson II seems the best and Lincoln II seems 5 is the best and on a FT450D that is here to see how the filter works it is 2 the best. BUT who knows if am right? On a Vertex speaker it is different to a CB Master CB905 and on the headphones something again really different again.

What I know in the 48 hours is that I worked 309SD105 Oksana and she was almost white noised out on the Lincoln II and with the in line filter she was clear and easily spoken to. While on the Grant II the effect was not really all that different with or without. BUT needs to be set up well and tested more, cockpit error my side.

This video was a 5 minute out of the box video and time needed as I told before. More will come when time and conditions allow.