All About The Onwa

As the markets open around Europe there seems to be many more brands appearing and some are old friends re badged and indeed some are new and not generally known. One of these comes from Poland, well most of the radios I have seen for sale are from Poland and actually the UK was where I managed to obtain the ONWA K1622 radio. So far I have seen the ONWA ARGO that looks like an Amstrad 901 and the ONWA MK2 that to me looks like a DANITA 440 or something similar. So I guess they must be an OEM brand? And indeed the K1622 I am told shares a lot of DNA with the Alan 100 (To Be Confirmed)



All I can find out is that Huyang Electric Technology seem to be those marketing them. The radio is not here now and with recent events am not sure indeed when it can be collected. The blog will run at something like 20% while the situation continues and more again maybe when normal things are resumed.

PLUS we wait more news on the Lincoln II should be by the end of the month too (maybe)

3 thoughts on “All About The Onwa

  1. just bought a little set called the Luiton Lt 318 and it works ok small but if these set that are coming onto the market are ok and work well they will be ok and help people into the hobby good luck to them in a very competitive market


    • Yeah I saw them but does not ship here at all 😦 They were coming to EU via Team in Germany but seems to have died a death and never came. Now need some conditions and will be listening for you


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